January 2015: Tango Show in Paris, at Bobino Theater

Tango Pasión comes back with the show « Sinfonia deTango » from January 20 to February 8, 2015 at Bobino!

[iframe width= »640″ height= »390″ src= »http://www.youtube.com/embed/750eeALDvjg » frameborder= »0″]

Spectacular show Tango, where everything is exaggerated to be visible to all spectators. It obviously has nothing to do with the ball Tango which itself is based on social ties and improvisation; o) but is also nice to look at. The musical interpretation of the dancers is exacerbated for your pleasure! You’ll tell me how you like!

bouton2blanc_100_70_partena.gifCLICK Tango Pasión
to access the online ticketing Fnac and so enter your dates and tickets; o) Count 30 to 50 € / person. Good idea for christmas presents:o))

The show will take place at
14-20, Rue de la Gaite
75014 PARIS

Subway Montparnasse or Gaité or Edgar Quinet

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