Maximiliano Colussi

Coming from an Argentine family, I was born in Córboba (800 km from Buenos Aires). The movement of the body has always interested me. My first memories are from the primary school where, before entering class, we dance a Chacarera or a Gato (folk dances).

I started my dance studies in 2009.
I trained in different dance schools in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. All styles interested me. I took courses in folklore, salsa, tango, ballet, jazz and contemporary.
I followed the teaching of Cecilia Dericia, Sangre Latina, Joel Doval, Sonia Gili, Veronica Sol Sassi, Carlos Flores, Adriana Laplaca, Mariposita of San Telmo, Jonathan Spittel.
I was then part of the Grupo Popular Danzante Company for two years and another three years as an interpreter in the company Sangre Latina. We performed tango for all types of events.

Since 2012, I teach tango and folklore in Cordoba and its region: Ciudad de las Artes, Sala de la America, Teatro de la Cañada, Teatro del Lago, Teatro Holiday, Cosquin Festival 2012 and 2014.

These two styles of dance are those of my country and I feel impregnated, identified by them. What I like through these dances is to share, to communicate.

In 2016 I taught Argentine tango in Wisconsin, USA and in 2017, I flew to France, Paris … met Charlotte and work with her!